Do you need to know where your boss is?

Make sure you're on top of THEIR tax and immigration

Are you responsible for your boss' travel?

As a personal or executive assistant you are likely to be responsible for all aspects of your boss' or team's travel, from planning and booking to security, expenses and tax accounting.

If you are then read on...


When spending a significant amount of time in any country or state a traveller risks tax and residency issues. It is essential that you monitor and record how many days are spent in each location. Failure to meet ones tax obligations can result in fines, delays, bans and potentially prison.

Below are some examples of residency rules for a few countries.

CountryTax Residency Rule
Hong KongIndividuals earning income that arises in or is derived from a Hong Kong office or Hong Kong employment, or from services rendered in Hong Kong during visits of more than 60 days in any tax year, are subject to salaries tax.
United KingdomYou are deemed tax resident if you spend more than 183 days in a tax year within the country
United States You are tax resident if you spend 31 days in the current year AND 183 days during the 3 year period that includes the current year. The calculation is all the days in the current year and 1/3 of the days in the year before the current year and 1/6 of the days in the year before that.


A lot of countries require a traveller to have at least 6 months left on their passport to be allowed to travel. Keeping track of when the traveller's passport expires ensures minimal disruption and delays to their travels.

This is also the case for travel visas, although they are more challenging as the traveller may need multiple visas and visas are generally valid for a much shorter period.

How Voyage Manager Can Help You

Voyage Manager makes it easy to manage traveller's trips and days in country. Upload your trips to our service and we will do the rest. We monitor the trips from the moment they are entered until the are completed, giving you a clear picture of where they are, have been and will be.

When the traveller approaches residency thresholds we will automatically notify you by email, allowing you to take appropriate action.

We also monitor visas and passport ensuring that you are notified before the documents expire. Our visa partners can help you with the visa application process, taking another workload off your mind.

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