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Supporting your international business travelers

Does your company have international business travelers?

International business travelers are employees that travel around the world on behalf of your company. They may be frequent or infrequent travelers, they may be executives or junior staff. In any case you have a duty of care, to ensure their safety and wellbeing while they travel.

As well as duty of care the support you should provide extends to tax and immigration.

Travel Security

Ensuring the wellbeing of your travelers is not only a legal requirement, but also makes good business sense. Travellers are more likely to make trips if they know their employers care about them. The key elements of travel security are travel tracking, destination briefings and in-country alerts.

Voyage Manager's travel tracker is the first active and automated tracker on the market, providing you with the only accurate end to end tracking service. Our pre-trip country briefings and real time in-country alerts ensure that your travellers are properly briefed and informed before and during their trips.

Travel Vault

A travel vault stores travelers' personal data. It provides the traveler with an online storage of useful and essential travel relate information, while being an important archive for the company should something happen to the traveler. Below are some of the types of data a vault can store:

Type DataDescription
FeaturesDistinguishing features such as height, weight and fitness level as well as unique attributes like birth marks, skin tone and hair colour.
ImmigrationKey immigration documents such as visas, passports and letters of invitation
MedicalMedical information can include vaccinations and medical conditions as well as allergies and medications
ContactPersonal and 3rd party contact information, including addresses, phone numbers and email addresses, as well as next of kin.

The VM Travel Vault is an active vault. It not only stores information but also notifies travelers when their information is about to expire. The notification for a passport may be 6 months before expire, whereas a vaccination may be 1 month.

When uploading data into the Travel Vault the traveler can include scanned copies of the relevant documents, providing extra security in case the original documents get lost.


When spending a significant amount of time in any country or state a traveler risks tax and residency issues. Monitoring and recording how many days are spent in each location is essential. Failure to meet ones tax obligations can result in fines, delays, bans and potentially prison.

Below are some examples of residency rules for a few countries.

CountryTax Residency Rule
Hong KongIndividuals earning income that arises in or is derived from a Hong Kong office or Hong Kong employment, or from services rendered in Hong Kong during visits of more than 60 days in any tax year, are subject to salaries tax.
United KingdomYou are deemed tax resident if you spend more than 183 days in a tax year within the country
United States You are tax resident if you spend 31 days in the current year AND 183 days during the 3 year period that includes the current year. The calculation is all the days in the current year and 1/3 of the days in the year before the current year and 1/6 of the days in the year before that.

VM Tax uses a combination of travel and itinerary data, GPS location data and user input to create an accurate picture of the number of days spent in any country or state. Using a combination of tax residency rules, tax treaties and customer thresholds VM Tax notifies the traveler and administrator when the traveler approaches and breaches tax and custom thresholds.


International travel often requires passports and visas. Although a valid passport is a must a lot of countries also require travellers to have at least 6 months left on their passports before the trip starts. Failure to have a valid passport of visa can result in expensive emergency passport or visas, delayed travel and denied entry.

VM Immigration stores electronic copies of your passports and visas, providing travelers easy online access to the documents from any locaiton. It also monitors the documents ensuring that you are notified before they expire, giving you plenty of time to renew the documents. When planning trips VM Immigration will inform you if a visa is required for the destination countries.

Our visa partners can help you with the visa application process, taking another workload off your mind.

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