Travel Tracking For Events
And Conferences

Know where your speakers and delegates are

Organizing major national and international conferences or events is a logistical challenge and often extremely stressful. Knowing that your delegates, not to mention your speakers have arrived can significantly reduce the burden on you, and shows that you care.

Travel tracking for events and conferences

Travel Tracking

A good travel and itinerary tracking solution is therefore a valuable asset in an organizer's toolset. Should there be a change to the schedule, or something has gone wrong, having quick and easy access to participants' travel itineraries and knowing their trip progress is essential. So is the ability to quickly notify them of the issues and changes.

Making it easy to manage groups of travellers

How Voyage Manager Can Help You

Our active travel tracker gives you an exact picture of where your delegates and speakers are. You can group your participants' trips into a group trip, making it easy to monitor the group as a whole. Some of the benefits to you include:
* An overview of all trips associated with the event.
* Notifying you when delegates arrive at their destination, and any waypoints on the way.
* Notifying organizers when problems occur to delegates' journeys
* Notifying delegates when organizers need to relay important information.

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Voyage Manager makes it easy to manage a group of travellers instead of just individuals