Performing All Over The World?

Make sure you're on top of your tax and immigration

Are you a professional artist, actor or dancer?

As a professional you are likely to be spending a significant amount of time in various countries teaching, competing and performing.

If you are then read on...

Professional performers spend a significan amout of time travelling to various countries.


When you spend a significant amount of time in any country you risk tax and residency issues. Every country has different rules so it's important that you monitor how many days you spend in each country. Below are some examples of residency rules for a few countries.

Spending a signficant amount of time in any country or state exposes you to tax risk


A lot of countries require you to have at least 6 months left on your passport to be allowed to travel. It is therefore essential that you keep track of when your passport expires to ensure minimal disruption to your travels.

Depending on your nationality and the countries you are visiting you may also need entry visas. Visas have a shorter validity and may take a long time to obtain.

Spending a signficant amount of time in any country exposes you to immigration risk

How Voyage Manager Can Help You

Voyage Manager makes it easy to manage your travel and days in country. Upload your trips to our service and we will do the rest. When you approach residency thresholds we will automatically notify you by email, so you don't have to log in regularly.

Voyage Manager monitors your visas and passport ensuring that you are notified before and when your documents expire. Our visa partners can help you with the visa application process, taking another workload off your mind.

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Voyage Manager can help you manage your travel related tax and immigration risk.