Travel Safety For Lone Workers

What are lone workers?

A lone worker is anybody who works alone without close or direct supervision of his/her employer. Lone workers include those who:
* work away from a fixed base (eg, social workers, health care workers, environment inspectors)
* mobile workers (eg, taxi drivers)

Lone workers are employees or contractors work without close or direct supervision

What are your responsibilites?

As an employer you are responsible for the safety of your employees. Having proper systems in place to protect your employees when they are working alone is essential for you to meet your legal responsibility. You should:
* know when workers arrive and depart
* notify patients/clients of deviations
* notify workers when problems occur

You have a legal duty towards your lone owker population.

How Voyage Manager Can Help You

The Voyage Security services provide a real time monitoring service for monitoring the location and actions of your lone workers. Should the lone worker not check in upon departure and arrival you will be automatically notified and you can take immediate action.

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