Affordable Travel Tracking

Duty Of Care

Travel tracking or itinerary tracking is the process of monitoring the movement of travellers. The systems that perform these services are known as travel trackers.

Travel tracking is used for many purposes. They were initially created to help companies manage the location of their travellers from a duty of care and security perspective, and this is still the most common use of travel trackers.

Some travel trackers are also used to monitor the number of days travellers spending in countries and states for tax an immigration compliance.

Travel tracking is a key part of your duty of care towards your employees

Travel Tracking

Travel tracking has historically been considered to be an expensive service that only large multinational organizations could afford. This has been the case in the past, when tracking was only provided by large security companies. Security companies would have teams of people that continuously managed and monitored travellers, a process that is very expensive and labour intensive.

Travel tracking is no longer just for large multinational organizations.

Budget Travel Tracking

In recent years numerous low cost alternatives have appeared. Using services like TripIt, Doppler and World Mate Pro companies have the ability to configure their own low cost tracking solutions. These solutions provide basic tracking functionality but do not provide the rich features that are provided by dedicated tracking solutions.

Budget or free travel trackers may appear to solve your problems, but do not provide the rich features of dedicated tracking solutions.

How Voyage Manager Can Help You

Voyage Manager provides a fully automated yet affordable and flexible solution for companies of any size. Voyage Manager has:
* a flexible pricing structure that is based on the number of users
* monthly or annual payment plans
* flexible implementation solutions

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