Simplifying Travel Expenses

Removing pain from travel expense management


Entering travel expenses could not be easier or faster. Email a photo of the receipt to, spend money on a linked credit or debit card, or enter the expense details through the Expense app. Expenses are then automatically linked to trips, making it easy to reconcile expenses, and make expense claims.

Cross platform expense monitoring and management in Voyage Expense by Voyage Manager

Card Transactions

Card transaction data from major card providers, including American Express, Mastercard and Visa can automatically create expense entries in travellers' expense accounts.

Combining card transaction and vendor data with traveller location data we are in a unique position to detect and prevent card fraud. Transactions that occur in a different location to a traveller's location are automatically flagged as suspicious activities, and administrators and travellers are notified immediately.

Support for automated expense entry from credit and debit card transactions

Real Time Card Transactions

Real time card transaction processing is available for a limited, but growing number of cards and banks. This enables automated, real time, travel expense managements, where the only thing the travel needs to do is add a photo of the receipt to the expense item. Real time card transactions also helps prevent card fraud, improves travel tracking and more.

Expense entry from debit and credit card transactions in real-time

Email Expenses

Using any mobile phone with a camera and email access travellers can submit travel expenses with the click of a button. Simply take a picture of the receipt and email it to We will take care of the rest.

Processing of photos of expenses sent by email

Expense App

The Voyage Expense app makes managing travel expenses easier while on the go. The app automatically synchronizes expenses with the Voyage Manager system, giving you easy access to all your expenses any time, anywhere.

Adding new expenses only takes a few seconds. Expenses created from card transactions are automatically created, and the only thing left to do is to take a photo of the receipt.

The expense app is available on iPhone and Android.

Android Play Store iTunes App Store
Voyage Expense iPhone and Android app

Expenses in Travel Tracking

Travel tracking is the process of tracking the location of a traveller or asset. Travel trackers normally uses itineraries in order to accomplish this. Voyage Manager can combine expense data, together with location and itinerary data to provide a far more accurate travel tracking experience than any other product on the market.

Incorporting expense transaction into the travel tracking process.


The Voyage Expense API enables you to access your expense data from your own software or apps. The API gives you access to read, write and manipulate your data stored within Voyage Manager.

API for accessing Voyage Expense data for travellers and organizations.