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4. April 2012 12:00
by John

Voyage Manager Goes Messaging

4. April 2012 12:00 by John | 0 Comments

Travellers’ instant messaging statuses can now be automatically updated with their latest Voyage Manager travel status updates.

Voyage Manager has moved travel tracking to a new level with the integration of the VM Travel Tracking Suite with the Microsoft’s Windows Live Messenger. The instant messenger integration can automatically post travellers’ travel status updates, allowing friends, family and colleagues to easily know the current location of the traveller. Through Voyage Manager's advanced automation travellers do not have to perform any extra actions in order for their statuses to be updated in Windows Live Messenger, making the process effortless.

Voyage Manager recommends that clients using this feature do so with care, as publishing location details on Live Messenger can compromise security. Clients can enable or disable the Live Messenger integration at the company level. Each individual traveller can also choose whether or not to publish their data to the messenger. For security reasons the Live Messenger integration is switched off by default, requiring the client to enable the feature.

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