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9. August 2016 12:00
by John

Travel Tracking Has A Facelift.

9. August 2016 12:00 by John | 0 Comments

Voyage Manager – the world’s most advanced travel tracking platform has had a facelift, making it more versatile and user friendly.

Observant users who have accessed Voyage Manager’s public pages will have noticed that the website got a new look and feel back in 2015. The new look is responsive, designed to look and work well on desktops, laptops, tablets and phones.

We have now implemented the same slick user experience throughout the whole Voyage Manager platform. This allows administrators and travellers to easily access their Voyage Manager accounts from anywhere, on any device.

John Scott, the director of Voyage Manager, said, “We believe that users need to have access at any time from any location. Incidents can happen at any time and it needs to be quick and easy for users to get information wherever they are, be it at a restaurant, in bed or at an airport."

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