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18. December 2014 12:00
by John

Voyage Manager Launches Next Generation Travel Tracker

18. December 2014 12:00 by John | 0 Comments

Leading travel tracking provider Voyage Manager releases the next generation travel tracker.

Voyage Manager has released a new, intuitive user interface for its travel tracker. The new user interface incorporates a real time overview of where travellers are, travel alerts, country risk profiles and traveller information into one state-of-the-art map view. The user interface uses responsive design and HTML5, and can be viewed on any device; tablet, smartphone or desktop computer. It uses Google’s latest material design; making it not just leading edge, but bleeding edge.

John Scott, CEO of Voyage Manager said: “The new user interface is visually very attractive, responsive and easy to use, and it represents what websites will look like tomorrow. The included features have been selected based on what the majority of our clients use most frequently.

The current and the new user interface will work side by side. Both user interfaces will use the same accurate and high quality data as previously, but while the current user interface will have greater room for customization to individual clients’ requests, the new interface will meet the majority’s needs. Voyage Manager is reaching more and more customers, and each customer has different preferences. We are now equipped to meet any client’s needs.”

During the process of developing the user interface, Voyage Manager has worked closely with clients and users. The feedback on the new user interface has been fantastic. A security expert at a leading consultancy firm said: “It’s very true that in an emergency, when you need traveller information and incident intelligence instantly, you will not necessarily be at your desk or even near a laptop. The new user interface from Voyage Manager is quite simply the most flexible and intuitive system currently on the market, allowing a security manager to access critical information when it’s needed most."

Debra McCabe, director of tracking services at Northcott Global Solutions, commented: “The new user interface is a big leap forward in the travel tracking market. This is the best user interface we have seen, and we cannot wait to start using it ourselves and to show it to our clients. The combination of rock solid data, the classic interface and the new user interface clearly makes Voyage Manager’s travel tracker the market leader and it meets any need tomorrow’s security manager and travel coordinators might have.”

10. December 2014 12:00
by John

Kuoni Travel goes live with Voyage Manager for its corporate clients

10. December 2014 12:00 by John | 0 Comments

Leading global travel management company Kuoni Travel has gone live with market leading travel tracker, Voyage Manager, to its corporate clients.

Voyage Manager is proud to announce that Kuoni Travel has chosen Voyage Manager as the provider of travel tracking for more than 200 of its corporate customers. Kuoni will offer Voyage Manager’s standard travel tracker free of charge for a six months’ trial period. During this period the clients will be given the opportunity to also try additional features such as travel alerts, pre trip country profiles and country profile library, as well as the confidential travel vault.

Mr. Serge Bacher of Kuoni Travel said that “Kuoni Travel is always working to create the best possible experience for our customers and their travellers. Voyage Manager’s travel tracker will provide additional security on journeys and make it easier to manage travellers, and fits perfectly with the rest of our product portfolio and the strategy of Kuoni Travel. Offering a travel tracker free of charge is a new way of offering services, and is possible thanks to the flexibility of Voyage Manager’s platform.”

“We are excited that Kuoni Travel has chosen Voyage Manager as the provider of travel tracking to their corporate clients. We are confident that our versatile and advanced system will be well received and add value to Kuoni’s clients”, said John Scott, CEO of Voyage Manager.

10. September 2014 12:00
by John

Another Education Institution Becomes Customer Of Voyage Manager

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University of Aberdeen has signed up as customer of Voyage Manager and will start using the Voyage Manager travel management solution immediately for a team of employees who traveller as part of their job.

Mr Dominic Milne, Deputy Head of the International Office, at the University of Aberdeen, comments:
“We have a team who travel extensively overseas and as recent events have sadly shown major incidents, such as terrorism or natural disaster, can and do occur suddenly. We are very mindful of our duty of care, and should the worst happen, we need to be in a position to respond quickly. We wished to establish a more robust and reliable method of being able to monitor where our staff may be at any given time, and the excellent Voyage Manager system allows us to achieve this.”

Voyage Manager’s CEO, John Scott, comments: “University of Aberdeen is the lastest of a number of educational intuitions that have started using our system. The universities are interesting as customers because travelling is not their core business and consequently they have relatively limited resources to provide adequate follow-up of their travellers. Our system with a simple user interface for both the employee and the employer in combination with our wide range of functions meet a need for also this type of businesses.”

9. April 2013 12:00
by John

Voyage Manager Integrates With WorldMate API

9. April 2013 12:00 by John | 0 Comments

Voyage manager, the leading provider of automated travel tracking and security solutions now provides integration with WorldMate Email Parsing API.

Voyage Manager has integrated with WorldMate Email Parsing API, enabling travellers to easily and automatically import their travel itineraries into Voyage Manager. Travellers just need to forward their email itineraries to Voyage Manager’s account, and within minutes the full itineraries are available in the travellers’ Voyage Manager profiles. The integration with WorldMate API greatly reduces the time users spend maintaining their travel details and decreases the occurrence of errors during the data entry process.

13. March 2013 12:00
by John

Voyage Manager Selects e-Travel Technologies To Provide Security Alerts

13. March 2013 12:00 by John | 0 Comments

e-Travel Technologies is delighted to supply Voyage Manager with e-travel alerts.

Voyage Manager today announced that e-Travel Technologies Inc of Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, has been selected to provide real time e-Travel Alerts to Voyage Manager’s automated travel tracking and response solution.

John Scott, CEO of Voyage Manager Ltd stated, “With our original customer base in the Oil & Gas industry this partnership reflects the growing interest in the Voyage Manager platform from global multinationals and travel assistance companies. That our platform is fully automated with e-alerts, builds on our position as the technology leader in the travel tracking market.”

Don Churchill, President of e-Travel Technologies Inc stated, “We are extremely pleased to have been selected by Voyage Manager for our real-time e-Travel Alerts content. Voyage Manager is a leading edge travel tracking and security solution addressing corporation’s Duty of Care obligations” adding “we are confident that our combined products will make a significant contribution to Voyage Manager’s value proposition in the corporate travel marketplace.”

16. January 2013 12:00
by John

Voyage Manager Supplies VM Light To Northcott Global Solutions

16. January 2013 12:00 by John | 0 Comments

Voyage Manager is delighted to supply Northcott Global Solutions (NGS) with the new “VM Light” global travel itinerary tracking solution.

Voyage Manager and Northcott Global Solutions (NGS) today announced a partnership agreement for Voyage Manager to supply NGS with a customized version of Voyage Manager’s new “VM Light” service for tracking and monitoring personnel.

The partnership shows NGS’s commitment to provide their clients with bespoke and integrated global safe travel and itinerary tracking support services. Voyage Manager’s VM Light provides essential travel monitoring and status reports, tailored to customers’ requirements. Further it allows Voyage Manager to expand into the security sector which has double digit growth annually.

Global business requires companies’ most prized assets, their people, to travel globally or to work in remote / high risk areas of the world that are exposed to a variety of threats, including operational incidents, natural disasters and terrorism.

In some cases, travellers may not be missed until they are overdue on their return – especially where communications are affected by working in different time zones. In seconds VM’s traveller locator system can accurately identify and communicate where travellers are located at any time. It is essential that companies safeguard their business by providing their travelling staff with immediate assistance or support that may be crucial to their health, safety, security, or even their lives. The VM traveller itinerary and real-time tracking capabilities allows greater duty of care to be exercised, even in the most challenging environments.

“The VM and NGS safe travel expertise will speed up reaction time and keep our clients in the picture about all staff movement around the world. Whether calamity has struck affecting a whole region, or and individual traveller is in need of repatriation, VM’s itinerary tracking and NGS will resolve matters fast. “ says Ted Jones, CEO of Northcott Global Solutions.

We are excited about the partnership as there are clear synergies between what NGS and we provide. It not only extends NGS’s functionality to a new level but it also brings NGS’s evacuation and incident management services to Voyage Manager’s existing and new customer base.“ says John Scott, CEO of Voyage Manager Ltd.

Response to travel related incidents will no longer be delayed by lack of awareness, slow access to vital facts or poor synchronisation between different internal systems. The VM’s itinerary tracking system is monitored 24 hour a day from NGS’s world class operations room located in the centre of London and sets a new standard in safe travel management, risk avoidance and corporate governance.

4. December 2012 12:00
by John

Voyage Manager Integrates With SPOT

4. December 2012 12:00 by John | 0 Comments

Voyage Manager provides integration with the personal satellite messenger, SPOT.

Voyage Manager Ltd has extended its range of tracking devices to include SPOT personal trackers. SPOT personal trackers are affordable GPS based tracking devices designed for use in inhospitable places. SPOT communicates using the Globalstar low earth orbit satellite constellation, ensuring near global coverage.

Voyage Manager integrates “VM Travel Tracker” with SPOT to automatically track travellers without any user interaction, making VM Travel Tracker the only completely automated travel tracking systems on the market.

This integration will further strengthen our leading VM Locate service. It allows the SPOT service to integrate with the device tracking we already offer through mobile phone, Iridium and GSM/GPS- based tracking of devices. It is all about offering our customers added value in safety and cost reductions through cutting edge technology." Christian Bunke, Business Development Manager.

SPOT tracking devices incorporate emergency buttons which can be activated in the case of an emergency. When travellers activate the emergency services, Voyage Manager’s emergency response is automatically activated, which includes notifying the traveller’s emergency response contacts.

6. November 2012 12:00
by John

Crewing Added To Voyage Manager

6. November 2012 12:00 by John | 0 Comments

Voyage manager Ltd, a technology company that specializes in travel security and tracking solutions, has recently announced the release of its crew management module, VM Crewing.

VM Crewing allows organizations to manage and monitor all aspects of crewing; from crew changes and rosters, to travel, training and compliance.

When crew managers plan new crew changes, VM Crewing will automatically recommend which crew members to associate with the crew change. This is done using on the roster of the latest crew changes. In order to ensure that all crew members have appropriate travel arrangements the system combines travel data from VM Travel Tracker with the existing crewing data, making it possible to flag any travellers who may be missing travel details.

It is common for companies to require a minimum number of specialist crew members within each department to be on board at any one time. To ensure that the current and embarking crews meet these requirements VM Crewing alerts managers and coordinators when the conditions are not met.

Maritime crews often travel to and from remote locations when embarking and disembarking vessels or installations. Having valid passports, visas, vaccinations when travelling and current training when working on-board is therefore essential. VM Crewing monitors all vital documentation to ensure that all crew members are eligible to travel and work, while providing early warning to ensure that problems do not arise during or immediately prior to travelling or while on-board.

Although VM Crewing was initially designed for maritime crews it can easily be adapted for use in connection with on and offshore oil installations, mining and other land based operations and so on.

17. October 2012 12:00
by John

Voyage Manager Accounces VM Light

17. October 2012 12:00 by John | 0 Comments

Voyage manager Ltd, a technology company that specializes in travel security and tracking solutions, has recently announced the release of VM Light, a user friendly itinerary tracking service.

VM Light is a standalone itinerary tracker, designed for organizations that do not require the full functionality of the VM Suite, but are looking for a cost effective, simple travel tracker solution to increase employee security and efficient business travel.

VM Light is designed to compete with the itinerary trackers provided by the likes of iJet, ConTgo, Control Risks Group and International SOS, yet provide additional features and benefits.

VM Light imports itineraries from the major booking engines and TripIt, as well as supporting manual data entry. Throughout the lifecycle of a trip its status is automatically updated to reflect the current situation, making it easy to see who is scheduled to travel, who is at a destination and who is in transit. VM Light also supports any mode of travel, not just flights and train journeys, allowing increased flexibility and efficiency improvements.

With the addition of VM Light to the product suite Voyage Manager has solutions to cater for every client’s needs, from the itinerary tracking level through to the most automated and advanced travel security and tracking in the market. VM Light is ideal for travel agencies as well as security and assistance companies that require a travel tracker to support their corporate offerings.

13. June 2012 12:00
by John

Voyage Manager Announces Parthership With Oysta

13. June 2012 12:00 by John | 0 Comments

Voyage manager Ltd, a technology company that specializes in travel monitoring and tracking solutions, has recently announced its partnership with Oysta; a company that provides location tracking of GPS based tracking devices, as well Android, Blackberry and iOS based smartphones. The partnership allows Voyage Manager to track any Oysta device, increasing the company’s portfolio of GPS tracking solutions to unparalleled levels.

Voyage Manager is the leading company in the travel technology industry, and is the only company to provide completely automated travel tracking. “This partnership moves VM Travel Tracker and VM Locate to a new level. Combined with our existing tracking features Voyage Manager now supports more tracking devices and phones than any other company in the industry.” says John Scott, CEO of Voyage Manager. According to Voyage Manager, the company is the only travel management company to incorporate phone tracking into their travel tracking solution.

Voyage Manager has developed the VM Travel Tracker and Safety Suite, a global travel management system that incorporates a travel tracker, a device tracker, an alert system and a sign of life service. Combining these services with Oysta, the company is setting new standards for companies that need to know where their staff are.

The Voyage Manager suite is the only product on the market that can be fully automated, reducing human interaction. This provides a complete, accurate and timely overview of employees’ travel plans and progress, and enables employers and security personnel to act quickly in an emergency.