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30. September 2014 12:00
by John

Voyage Manager CO2 Emission Monitor Revamped

30. September 2014 12:00 by John | 0 Comments

Voyage Manager has revamped its CO2 emission monitoring, taking it to the next level.

In response to the EU Emissions Trading System, the WBCSD WRI Greenhouse Gas 2004 Protocol and DEFRA’s Environmental Reporting Guidelines, more and more companies are now reporting their carbon footprint. A number of companies are legally required to monitor and report the carbon footprint. Other companies and organizations are reporting their emissions and footprint as part of their corporate social responsibility (CSR) policies. It is also expected that new regulations will be passed that will require more businesses to monitor their CO2 emissions. According to the DEFRA Guidelines, CO2 monitoring should include keeping track of the CO2 emissions resulting from employee travel.

One of the features of Voyage Manager’s advanced travel management system is a CO2 emission monitor. This feature automatically calculates travellers’ carbon footprint based the distance and method of travel, and provides reports to the employer of CO2 emissions, which can be used directly carbon footprint reports. Voyage Manager has now revamped the CO2 emission monitor feature to increase its user friendliness, accuracy and the level of detail in the reports.

Voyage Manager’s CEO, John Scott, says “We have had CO2 emission monitoring as part of our system for a long time. Following increased demand from our clients and the new regulations that are likely to be passed, we have updated the feature to better meet clients’ needs.”

10. September 2014 12:00
by John

Another Education Institution Becomes Customer Of Voyage Manager

10. September 2014 12:00 by John | 0 Comments

University of Aberdeen has signed up as customer of Voyage Manager and will start using the Voyage Manager travel management solution immediately for a team of employees who traveller as part of their job.

Mr Dominic Milne, Deputy Head of the International Office, at the University of Aberdeen, comments:
“We have a team who travel extensively overseas and as recent events have sadly shown major incidents, such as terrorism or natural disaster, can and do occur suddenly. We are very mindful of our duty of care, and should the worst happen, we need to be in a position to respond quickly. We wished to establish a more robust and reliable method of being able to monitor where our staff may be at any given time, and the excellent Voyage Manager system allows us to achieve this.”

Voyage Manager’s CEO, John Scott, comments: “University of Aberdeen is the lastest of a number of educational intuitions that have started using our system. The universities are interesting as customers because travelling is not their core business and consequently they have relatively limited resources to provide adequate follow-up of their travellers. Our system with a simple user interface for both the employee and the employer in combination with our wide range of functions meet a need for also this type of businesses.”