Learn from your travel data

Unlock the valuable information from your travel data

Data Analytics

There is significant untapped value buried in travel data. Voyage Analytics enables you to unlock this potential, reducing costs and improving business efficiency. It provides valuable insights that can transform your company's approach to travel by optimising insurance levels, increasing your negotiating power with travel providers and carriers, and helping you consolidate your accommodation options.

Cross platform data analytics in Voyage Analytics by Voyage Manager

Data Collection

We collect all your travel data, from TMCs (travel agents) and GDSs (booking engines) as well as from third party services like WorldMate and TripIt. Users can also input data manually, and we can pull data from your internal systems.

All aspects of travel are covered, from car rentals to hotel bookings, rail travel to flights, providing a complete, highly detailed picture of your company's travel activities.

Providing analytical services using all types of travel data including hotel, rail, car and air.

Analytics & Reporting

By helping you look at your travel data in new ways, Voyage Analytics empowers you to streamline your organisation's approach to travel. Here are a few examples of how Voyage Analytics can help you.

Your insurance company needs to know how many trips you did last year, and how many days were spent in North America, Europe and the rest of the world, to ensure that you are paying the right premium for all the trips undertaken by your staff.

Voyage Analytics gives you a breakdown of how many days were spent travelling, overall, by continent, country or state. The data can be for a month, year or multiple years. By providing accurate information to your insurance company, you can guarantee adequate cover, and ensure you do not pay for insurance you do not need.

Providing travel analytics and reporting

You travel with a number of different airlines, or stay with numerous hotel chains, and you want to make sure you get the best deal.

Voyage Analytics provides a complete breakdown of which airlines and routes you have flown in any given time period. Armed with consolidated data about flight patterns and airlines, you gain a powerful negotiating position with travel providers and carriers. Such usage information is not limited to air travel, but also extends to rail travel, car rentals and accommodation.

For hotels, it details the number of nights spent in individual hotels, and across hotel chains. It highlights commonalities in destination, enabling you to consolidate room bookings at fewer hotels in a city, or with particular hotel chains, for simplicity and additional savings.

Breakdown of travel by airline and flight number, hotels and hotel chains etc.


The Voyage Analytics API frees you to access your analytics data from your own apps or services. You can take data from Voyage Analytics and feed it into your own software for custom reports, analytics and more.

API for accessing Voyage Analytics data for organizations.